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The Miami Herald (Miami, Florida) ■ Mon, Jul 12, 1993 ■ Page 57 

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Video creator plays 52 games to win 


A t 51, Vince Perri has called 
himself a businessman for 
a long time. But it took 
fatherhood to help him find what 
could be the business of his life. 

Perri is the brains behind a 
3-ycar-old Miami company, 
Active Enterprises Ltd., that is 
ofTering a new game product for 
the six million Sega (^nesis sys¬ 
tems in the United States. His 
isn't just another addition to the 
hundreds of titles on store 
shelves. His product. Action 52, 
offers 52 games for the price of 

An investment banker for six 
years, Perri has seen his share of 
business dpiMrtunities, good and 
bad. This time, the idea origi¬ 
nated at home. 

“Having a 9-ycar-old, I had to 
buy a lot of video umes, and it 
cost me a fortune,’^ he said. “A 
decent Sega or Nintendo costs 
$55 to $60.1 said there's got to be 
a way to do this cheaper." 

The breakthrough came by 

"I happened to sec my son 
playing an illegal product made 
in Taiwan that had 40 games on 
it. The whole neighborhood went 
crazy over it,” Perri said. “I fig¬ 
ured I'd do it legally. It's obvious 
when you see something like 
that, you know there's something 

OverMat inveatora 

Perri said he used his overseas 
banking connections to raise S5 
million from private backers in 
Europe and Saudi Arabia. He 
farmed out the programming to 
college students and the technical 
work to Cronos Engineering Inc., 
a Boca Raton company that does 
work for IBM Corp. He expects 
to begin shipping Action 52 

“We’ve sold out of our firet 
manufacturing cycle, so we're 
going into another cycle as soon 
as these go out the door,” he said. 

Action 52 is meant to be played 
on the Sega Genesis system, 
which, at 16 bits, is faster and 
more stimulating than the older, 
eight-bit Sega games. Perri said 


HOPING TO SCORE BIG: Joey Martinez, left, is the artist and Vince Perri the creator of a 
budget-friendly line of home video games. 

the 52 games, like G-Force 
Fighter, Sunday Driver and 
Haunted Hills, were fashioned 
for kids between 9 and 12 years 

Perri said he'd be happy snar¬ 
ing a tiny fraction of the $9.5 bil¬ 
lion market for video games. So 
far, all of his orders have come 
from overseas. A sales represen¬ 
tative for the United States was 
hired just two weeks ago, but has 
already pitched the product to 
several major retail chains. Perri 
said Action 52 will sell for $99 to 
$119, depending on where you 
buy it. He will sell it over the 
phone for $99. 

Anothor hurdle? 

Perri's company might have to 
clear one more hurdle. Sega of 
America Inc. in Redwood City. 
Calif., said third-party develop¬ 
ers need a Sega license to sell 
software for the Sega system. 
Perri said he doesn't. 

“You need a license if you 
want to be a licensed Sega game 
and if you want to display the 
Sega seal." Perri said. “We are 
unauthorized, but not illegal.” 


Contact Active 
Enterpriaes Ltd. at: 
8360 W. Flagler St. 
Suite 209 
Miami. Ra. 33144 

Neil Pickles, chief executive 
and chairman of the Audnel 
Group in Leicester, England, 
said his company is slated to 
receive some of the first ship¬ 
ments. The games will be sold by 
regional agents directly to the 

As for the game itself, we gave 
a copy of Action 52 to Kevin 
Orth, a lOth-grader in the mag¬ 
net computer program at Dillard 
High School in Fort Lauderdale. 
Orth has been playing Sega Gen¬ 
esis games for three years on his 
bedroom TV. 

After spending a week with 
Action 52 and playing all 52 
games, Orth said it is an “excel¬ 
lent" package for first-time video 
game players in the 9-to-12-year 

age group. He said it could spur 
t^inners to buy more products. 

As an advanced player, Orth 
tired of the games quickly. After 
a while, many looked alike. 

“A change of scenery would be 
nice, although I understand why 
they 'd need to conserve as much 
memory as they can for 52 
games, he said. 

Future projecte 

Perri is alrca^ working on his 
next products. I^c out in Octo¬ 
ber is a Super Nintendo copy of 
Action 52, another 16-bit prod¬ 
uct. He is also developing a sin¬ 
gle-game program called Chee- 
tahmen. based on a comic book 
written by his artist. Joey Marti¬ 

Beyond that. Perri plans to 
introduce a portable video game 
console that plays both Seu 
Genesis and Super Nintendo 
games, as well as older eight-bit 
S^ and Nintendo cartridges. 
The console, to be called Game- 
Master. will have a 3.2-inch color 
screen and will be able to pick up 
TV signals. Perri expects to have 
it ready by Christmas 1994. 


Envelope printer 
comes in 42 fonts 

A new IBM-compatible 
program from a Plantation 
company will let you laser- 
print envelopes with up to 
42 different typefaces. 

Postmark Mailing Ser¬ 
vice & Equipment calls the 
software Jet Envelope. The 
42 fonts include three in 
handwriting and one in 
“old typewriter.” The $249 
program allows bulk mail¬ 
ers to imprint bar codes, 
bulk-mail permits and 
business-reply envelopes. 

The company has also 
introduced FileMaker Pro 
for Windows for personal¬ 
izing letters, labels, enve¬ 
lopes. invoices and cata¬ 
logs. For $269, the pro¬ 
gram includes installation 
and training. For another 
$75, Postmark will install a 
digitized version of your 
signature for repeat use. 

Call 584-8075 for more 


System helps run 
resorts, hotels 

Hospitality Systems Inc. 
of Deerfield Beach has 
begun installing its new 
"point and click” system 
for Windows-based com¬ 
puters in hotels, resorts and 

The point-of-sale system, 
called POS for Windows, 
adapts Windows' graphics 
and mouse features to 
monitors typically found at 
cashier, server and bar¬ 
tender stations. 

Call 426-0005. 

Send information on new 
electronic products or ser¬ 
vices to James McNair, The 
Miami Herald, 1520 E. 
Sunrise Blvd., Fort l.audcr- 
dale, Fla. 3J304. 


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